I am fully insured under a policy specifically for face painters and henna artists under Beauty & Bodywork Insurance, although serious injuries are unlikely to result from the materials I use. However, if you or your child have a severe skin sensitivity, allergy, or skin condition and you are worried about a possible adverse reaction, it may be better to be safe than sorry.

The water-based face paints I use are like makeup. They will not break you out, clog pores, or irritate the skin and can be removed easily with soap and water.

The henna and jagua I use are plant-based, all-natural and free of harsh chemicals and dyes. They should not cause any reactions unless you are allergic to the plant-based ingredients. People with a berry allergy should not use jagua.

The glitter tattoo glue and airbrush tattoo ink I use are both made for skin and are medical-grade hypoallergenic, but can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol should the need arise.