First, estimate how many people are going to want face painting or henna. You’ll want to book the appropriate number of hours needed for the crowd you are expecting. Once you submit a request for a quote, I can help you figure out how many hours you need.

For smaller parties and birthdays, I usually paint 15-20 faces per hour. For larger events, I can paint 40 faces in an hour, if I have a volunteer from your organization help me manage the line.

For henna parties, the number of hours will depend a great deal on how detailed you want the designs. I recommend 4-8 large designs or 10-15 smaller designs per hour. Appointment sheets and line managers can be helpful if it is a large event. For private appointments and bridal designs, a single design may take 30 minutes or more.

Please note that if more than 1 hour of one-way travel is required for me to get to your event, there is a two-hour booking minimum and there may be an additional travel stipend added.