Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get most often, as well as information that can be helpful when deciding what kind of entertainment to have at your party. If you don’t see your question, please Ask A Question here. If you’d like to get a personalized quote and find out if I’m available to work your event, Submit A Quote here.

Why is it so Expensive? Can’t I Just Do it Myself?2019-05-07T21:42:14-05:00

Face painting and freehand body art are similar to tattoos and other aesthetic body arts, in that it’s not the materials you are paying for, it’s the artist’s time and talent. Plus, like any freelance/entrepreneurial business, there’s a lot more than you think going into it behind the scenes! The costs — buying and maintaining a professional grade kit (I have invested thousands in my kit over the years), marketing and insurance, plus the time it takes to schedule bookings, keep up with customer contracts, run a website, and learn new designs — are all wrapped up into that hourly price you see. It may seem like all we do is show up at parties and have a great time (and we DO do that!) but more than half of the total work for that party, went into it before it even started!

That said, I always encourage people to try face painting and henna on their own! Make sure you are buying actual face paint, and not just acrylic paint (even if it says “non-toxic” it is not necessarily made for skin). If you buy pre-mixed henna cones, make sure you can read the ingredients and don’t buy anything with added chemicals. People who have tried doing body art themselves, usually have a renewed appreciation for the amount of skill it really takes to be a pro! I also offer private classes to those wishing to learn face painting or freehand temporary tattoos. Please inquire here if you would like to set up a private lesson.

How Does Your Pricing Work?2019-09-11T22:26:06-05:00

Hourly services start with a base price. Up to two services per hour are included in this price. If you want a third service, you will need to book at least an hour and a half.

I have recently added tiered pricing, meaning that the more hours you book, the better discount you get! I also offer reduced rates for 501(c) non-profits hosting fundraisers.

After that, there may be required add-ons. If your event is 40 miles or more from my home, there is a two-hour minimum for your party, plus a small travel fee depending on distance. I require shelter from the elements (sun, wind, rain). If shelter is not provided at your event, you can rent a 10×10 pop-up tent from me for an additional fee.

Another option I offer is called “pay-per-face” (PPF) instead of hourly. This means that the guests at your event pay out of their own pockets to get their faces painted, like at a festival. Obviously this option is riskier for me, as a business, and hourly is usually preferable for smaller events. If the event is open to the public, there are multiple thousands of attendees, and if your advertising has alerted your guests to the expectation of paying for my services, PPF can work.

What Is Your Booking Process Like?2019-09-11T22:01:16-05:00

The process begins when you fill out my booking form here. I usually respond within 24-48 hours to inform you whether I’m available for your event, and what the price will be including add-ons. If this sounds good to you, I’ll send you a contract to sign and return with your deposit of 40%. The completed contract and deposit payment are required to hold the day of your event, and once finalized, constitute a promise from me that I will be there.

A few days out from your event, I’ll usually call to confirm details such as the location, time, and date. On the day of, I will show up early to set up so that I can start working on time. Full payment is due the day of the event.

How Far Out Do You Book Events?2019-05-07T12:57:55-05:00

It depends on the season and the time of year! Booking early is highly encouraged. The more notice you give me, the more likely I am to be available. My weekends tend to get crowded in the summer, but if you have a last-minute event and you’d like me to be there, please give me a call!

Do I Need to Provide Anything?2019-05-07T12:55:06-05:00

The only thing you must provide is shelter! If the event will be outdoors and you cannot provide shelter, a 10×10 pop-up tent can be provided for an extra fee. As a professional, I bring all the supplies I need to create fantastic art for your guests. I will need a place to set up that is accessible and will not generally impede traffic — if you have a table and two chairs, that’s great; otherwise please let me know and I will bring my own at no extra cost.

How Many Hours Should I Book?2019-09-11T22:14:18-05:00

First, estimate how many people are going to want face painting or henna. You’ll want to book the appropriate number of hours needed for the crowd you are expecting. Once you submit a request for a quote, I can help you figure out how many hours you need.

For smaller parties and birthdays, I usually paint 15-20 faces per hour. For larger events, I can paint 40 faces in an hour, if I have a volunteer from your organization help me manage the line.

For henna parties, the number of hours will depend a great deal on how detailed you want the designs. I recommend 4-8 large designs or 10-15 smaller designs per hour. Appointment sheets and line managers can be helpful if it is a large event. For private appointments and bridal designs, a single design may take 30 minutes or more.

Please note that if more than 1 hour of one-way travel is required for me to get to your event, there is a two-hour booking minimum and there may be an additional travel stipend added.

Do You Accept Tips?2019-05-07T13:08:38-05:00

Tips are ALWAYS appreciated and NEVER expected! If you choose to tip, it can be included with your final payment the day of the event.

At larger events, I often leave a tip jar on the table to allow patrons to show their appreciation for a job well done. Of course, I never put out a tip jar at smaller, private parties, and it’s always up to you, the client, whether I do so or not.

How Safe is Face Paint?2019-09-11T22:23:24-05:00

I am fully insured under a policy specifically for face painters and henna artists under Beauty & Bodywork Insurance, although serious injuries are unlikely to result from the materials I use. However, if you or your child have a severe skin sensitivity, allergy, or skin condition and you are worried about a possible adverse reaction, it may be better to be safe than sorry.

The water-based face paints I use are like makeup. They will not break you out, clog pores, or irritate the skin and can be removed easily with soap and water.

The henna and jagua I use are plant-based, all-natural and free of harsh chemicals and dyes. They should not cause any reactions unless you are allergic to the plant-based ingredients. People with a berry allergy should not use jagua.

The glitter tattoo glue and airbrush tattoo ink I use are both made for skin and are medical-grade hypoallergenic, but can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol should the need arise.


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