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Face painting is appropriate for all ages, from six months to silver-haired. Face paints can also be applied to the arms, hands and legs, not just the face! Fantastic Faces now offers TWO great options for face painting, water-based and alcohol-based (sweat proof).

WATER-BASED Face Painting:

  • Cosmetic-grade make-up
  • Easily removable with soap and water or makeup remover
  • NOT sweat-proof
  • Recommended for INDOOR events only
  • Quick and easy to apply

ALCOHOL-BASED (Sweat Proof!) Face Painting:

  • Skin-Safe, Cosmetic-grade, ProAiir® Hybrid Make-Up, Manufactured in the USA
  • Sanitary – cannot transfer bacteria, viruses or germs between faces due to the cosmetic alcohol content
  • Totally sweat-proof & smudge-proof
  • Great for OUTDOOR events and POOL PARTIES
  • Lasts all day
  • Removal can take slightly more effort than with water-based paints

Removal process for alcohol-based Face Paint:

  1. Spread some oil (any oil will do – skin oil, baby oil, olive or vegetable oil) on the design
  2. Spread liquid soap on the design, over the oil layer
  3. Let this mixture sit for a minute or two (don’t add water yet!)
  4. Rub gently with your fingers until the design starts to release – you will notice your oil/soap mixture picking up the colors
  5. Rinse or wipe clean
  6. Any remaining paint or staining can be removed with rubbing alcohol, or by repeating the process a second time


  • Material safety data sheets for Alcohol-Based (Hybrid) Face Paints can be found on the ProAiir® website here.
  • Adverse skin reactions to either water-based or alcohol-based paints are rare.
  • Darker and more pigmented paints may cause some temporary staining of the skin. This wears off after a day or two.
  • Certain face paint colors may contain Red 40 and/or Yellow 5, which are artificial dyes commonly used in food. These are labelled in Europe for causing temporary adverse effects on activity and attention in sensitive children.
  • Face paint designs are decorated with cosmetic-grade glitter, which will not cause damage if it gets in the eyes. I can also use larger chunky glitter that sticks to the skin with pure Aloe Vera.

Airbrush Tattoos are created using special equipment that sprays ink on the skin in a uniform layer using a stencil. Fantastic Faces offers vibrant colored inks as well as plain black.

  • Stencil designs
  • Alcohol-based, cosmetic-grade ink, manufactured in the USA
  • Sanitary, tattoo process creates minimal contact and ink does not support microbes
  • Tattoos last about 1 week
  • Appropriate for all ages, including adults and teenagers
  • Small children are sometimes frightened of the airbrush, but parents can reassure them that it is like a cold burst of air that may tickle but not hurt.

Airbrush Tattoo Aftercare:

  • Avoid oils, lotions, and shaving cream. Use powdered sunscreen if needed.
  • Apply baby powder or corn starch before & after shower
  • Don’t scrub
  • Don’t soak in the tub or pool as this will soften your skin and hasten exfoliation
  • Pool chemicals may shorten the life of the tattoo.

Airbrush Tattoo Removal:

  • Airbrush Tattoos are easily removed using isopropyl rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, or pure acetone.


  • Material safety data sheets for airbrush Temporary Tattoo ink can be found on the ProAiir® website here.

Henna creates a lovely dark brown stain on the skin. Henna, also called Mehendi, dates back thousands of years in India and East Asian countries, traditionally used on brides’ hands and feet before their wedding ceremony. Now Henna is widely popular in the U.S. and around the world, for festivals and parties, or to create that special summer bohemian look!

  • Paste is applied using a cone or squeeze bottle
  • Must dry undisturbed for 15-20 minutes or it will smear, therefore not suitable for very young children
  • The longer the paste sits on skin, the darker it will stain. 3-4 hours minimum is recommended. Can leave overnight.
  • Stain takes 24-48 hours to fully develop; may start light orange and then darken
  • Stains darkest on palms, backs of hands, wrists, forearms, and ankles, since the skin is more absorbent on these areas
  • Lasts 1-2 weeks depending on your skin

Henna Paste Ingredients:

  • Natural Henna Powder from India (dried powdered leaves of the henna bush)
  • Water
  • Essential oils
  • Sugar
  • Because henna is very sensitive to heat and spoiling, each batch made fresh 2-3 days before use.

Henna Aftercare:

  • When ready to remove dry paste, scrape it off or dissolve with olive oil
  • Put some olive oil over the design before washing or bathing
  • Pool chemicals may affect henna
  • Once the stain has developed, protect your design with sunscreen to make it last!

Henna removal:

  • Henna is difficult to remove once the stain has darkened. Methods include scrubbing with baking soda or using hydrogen peroxide. Otherwise, the stain will simply fade away as your skin naturally exfoliates over time.

Important note about skin sensitivities:

  • You may have heard about henna tattoos creating scarring or skin sensitivities. This is because some companies add a chemical called PPD to manufactured henna cones. PPD is used in some hair dyes and is toxic to the skin! Don’t trust henna cones you buy from stores or online – buy the ingredients and learn to make the paste yourself, or get a tattoo from a trusted professional who makes their paste themselves!
  • Fantastic Faces uses ONLY hand-made, fresh henna paste using the ingredients listed above.
  • Real, fresh, plant-based henna paste is highly perishable & not shelf-stable.
  • Real henna is extremely safe, and allergic reactions are very rare. Any reactions to fresh paste are more likely to be caused by the essential oils than the henna itself, and such reactions are not long-lasting.

Jagua, pronounced “YAH-gwa” creates a beautiful blue-black stain similar to that of a real tattoo and much darker than henna. All-Natural Jagua is NOT the same as “black henna” (which often contains unsafe chemical dyes)!

Traditional Jagua is the oxidized stain from the juice of a tropical fruit. Jagua has been used for over 2000 years, mostly in South America where it is still used as an edible fruit and ceremonial stain by indigenous tribes. It is now becoming more popular around the world, though not as well-known as henna.

  • All-natural, skin-safe, plant-based jelly
  • Applied freehand using a squeeze bottle with special applicator tip
  • Must dry for 20-30 minutes or it will smear! Therefore not suitable for very young children.
  • Stain takes 24-48 hours to develop
  • Stain may be very faint or invisible at first, but don’t worry! It will slowly oxidize and darken. The design will look its best the next day.
  • The same placement rules apply as for henna – where your skin is more absorbent, you will get a darker stain – such as your hands, feet, forearms, and ankles. Upper arms and back will also stain with jagua, unlike henna.
  • Lasts 1-2 weeks and on average 2-4 days longer than henna

Jagua Aftercare:

  • Be VERY careful while the gel is drying or you will have a smeared stain!
  • Once it’s dry, leave the gel on for up to 4 hours. There is no benefit to leaving it on for longer.
  • If any dried gel remains on the skin, wash it off with soap and water before bedtime as it will stain your sheets.
  • If you peel or wash off the gel and notice nothing is behind, don’t worry! Your stain will slowly oxidize over 12-24 hours.
  • Once the stain has developed, care for it the same as henna: oil before shower, protect with sunscreen.

Jagua All Natural, Plant Based ingredients:

  • 100% Genipa Americana Fruit Juice
  • Xanthan Gum (a thickener)
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Jagua removal:

  • Like henna, Jagua is very difficult to remove once applied. Your best bet is just to cover it with make-up or clothing, though the stain may be weakened by exfoliating the skin, scrubbing with baking soda, or soaking with hydrogen peroxide.

Try before you Buy (permanent ink):

  • Jagua is a great way to test out ideas if you are thinking about getting a real tattoo, since it looks very similar to black tattoo ink on your skin! If you are not booking a party, but would like to book me for a custom “tattoo try-out” using Jagua, send me an e-mail here.

Skin Sensitivities:

  • Those with berry allergies should not use jagua. Because jagua is a natural food product, it is highly unlikely to cause any reaction except in those with an allergy. If you are concerned about skin sensitivities it is best to place a small dot behind the ear to test your sensitivity to the product.

Glitter Tattoos are skin-safe medical-grade adhesive and cosmetic-grade glitter, creating beautiful, sparkling, colorful designs!

  • Applied anywhere on the body
  • Skin must be clean and dry before application
  • Dry to the touch as soon as glitter is applied
  • Last 3-5 days, sometimes longer!

Glitter Tattoo Aftercare:

  • Avoid oil or lotion and use powdered sunscreen if needed
  • Don’t scrub it
  • Swimming pool chemicals may weaken the adhesive, especially within 1 hour of application

Glitter Tattoo Removal:

  • Glitter Tattoos may start to take on a “dirty” appearance after a few days as the glitter starts to fall off. Therefore, it is adviseable to remove with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, acetone, baby oil, or nail polish remover.

Glitter Tattoo Ingredients:

  • Pros-Aide® Medical Grade Adhesive
  • Glitter

Stencils vs. Freehand:

  • These photos show Glitter Tattoos that have been applied freehand, using a squeeze bottle with a flat needle tip.
  • Glitter Tattoos can also be created using stick-on stencils and a cotton swab to apply the glue.
  • Freehand Glitter Tattoos are appropriate for all ages, but young children might be frightened by the flat needle applicator. Parents can assure them it does not hurt!
  • The stencil method is more appropriate for high-volume events such as festivals and school carnivals, and for younger children who can’t sit still as long.

White henna is sometimes used for modern weddings or other dressy events. White henna is not actually henna, but is a skin-safe adhesive with pigment added to make it white.

  • Pigmented glue is applied using a squeeze bottle with a flat needle tip or a brush
  • Once dry, the glue is dusted with a light coating of translucent powder to set it and keep it from feeling tacky
  • Tattoo looks best the same day it is applied
  • Be careful not to smudge during application
  • Waterproof & lasts 1-3 days

White Henna Aftercare:

  • If applying before your event, try to keep it protected until the day of your event so that it looks fresh and perfect
  • Don’t scrub it
  • Avoid oils & lotions
  • Dust it with corn starch or baby powder before & after shower
  • Touch ups can be done using a white eyeliner pencil

White Henna Removal:

  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, baby oil, or acetone, will take it off completely.

White Henna Ingredients:

  • Pros-Aide® Medical-Grade Adhesive
  • Titanium Dioxide