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Face Painting

Face painting is, of course, how Fantastic Faces got its start. In March of 2014, I was invited to paint at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Denver, Colorado, with a friend who owned an entertainment business. She let me borrow some paints, a towel, and a kit to walk around with, and I bought some brushes. I was just painting for tips, but I had so much fun, and I was hooked. It was off to the races, as they say!

Face painting has been a passion of mine ever since, and I am constantly improving to learn the latest techniques. My goal is to be the best and speediest face painter you have ever seen! From one-stroke designs to glitter that stays on all day, I am always incorporating the newest the industry has to offer — just for my clients.

Small children don’t want to sit still for fifteen minutes while someone meticulously paints. They’d rather be out having fun, and that’s why I strive to be the fastest painter around! Every child is different, so I also focus on being gentle and kind — I make friends with the kiddos so they are not afraid. Sometimes seeing mom, dad, or a big brother or sister get painted is all a child needs to convince them how much fun it is. Children with sensory issues and special needs are welcome, too!

Face painting is appropriate for all ages, from six months to silver-haired. Face paints can also be applied to the arms, hands and legs, not just the face! I use cosmetic-grade, washable paints. They are water-based, so in extreme heat the designs may sweat off. I can add a setting spray to seal in the paint if this is a concern. On hotter days I recommend keeping the designs limited to cheeks only, staying off the forehead. I use cosmetic-grade glitter, meaning it is a special cut of glitter that will not cause damage if it gets in the eyes.

To remove water-based paints, especially darker colors, I recommend using liquid soap on dry skin first, then water. Some dark colors may leave behind a very faint stain, especially if they were worn for most of the day. Makeup remover is usually effective if any stubborn paint is left behind. Face paints do stain fabrics, unfortunately, so keep it off your shirt!

Soon, I will be incorporating special waterproof paints — for pool parties and hot summer days! Keep your eyes peeled!