Glitter Tattoos and Airbrush Tattoos

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Glitter Tattoos

Freehand glitter tattoos are a skin-safe, waterproof, temporary tattoo. I create them using skin-safe medical-grade adhesive, cosmetic-grade glitter, and special stick-on stencils. Skin must be clean and dry and free of cuts or abrasions. Glue is applied using a squeeze bottle and a cotton swab, then colored glitter is carefully applied using a brush.

Because they last several days, glitter tattoos are for the body, not the face. Glitter tattoos are excellent for younger children because they do not require sitting as still as face painting, and they are dry to the touch as soon as I apply the glitter.

Once complete, the tattoo is easy to care for – you can wear it in the shower, just don’t scrub it! Swimming pools are not recommended as the chemicals may cause the tattoo to dissolve faster. Don’t apply oil or lotion over your tattoo. The tattoo will last for several days, up to a week depending on your skin, the weather, and the tattoo’s location on your body. If needed, you can remove the tattoo completely with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

Airbrush Tattoos

In 2019, I’m excited to announce that I invested in a professional airbrush kit and TattooPro stencils! These stencils are created specifically for airbrush tattoos, and are the highest-quality stencils available – with them, very realistic semi-permanent tattoos can be created. Above are some examples of the amazing, colorful artwork that can be created using these tools. No one will believe it is only temporary!

I use only alcohol-based cosmetic-grade ink. Once dry, the tattoo should remain on the skin for about a week.

Airbrush tattoos are appropriate for all ages, including adults and teenagers. Small children are sometimes frightened of the airbrush equipment, but parents can reassure them that it is not painful. It feels in fact like a light, cold burst of air that may feel slightly ticklish but not painful.

To care for your airbrush tattoo, simply avoid oils and lotions on the area. You may protect the tattoo by adding a layer of baby powder before your shower. Do not soak in the tub or pool as this will soften your skin and hasten exfoliation, and the pool chemicals may shorten the life of the tattoo.